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Do Men Wear Toe Rings?

It's not big secret to us, but a lot of men buy and wear toe rings. 

Lots of guys do email us though, asking if it's okay for them to wear toe rings. They also want to know what toe they should wear them on (any toe is fine). Wearing toe rings is not a sign of sexual preference by any means. 

Toe jewelry is largely associated first with Indian culture, then Bohemian fashion, and now has become a popular reflection of beach culture, flip flop-wearers, and a fun vacation indicator. 

Men and women tend to wear toe rings on the second or third toe, and sometimes the big toe. This type of jewelry was largely marketed to women, but toe rings are generally unisex designs. However, around the 1990s, more masculine toe jewelry designs emerged in fashion. American male surfers were the first large group of men to sport the body jewelry accessory. Today toe adornment is becoming more mainstream for men who like jewelry.

For many years, Indian men have been known to wear toe rings on each big toe - a sign of masculinity, power and strength. They may also wear toe rings for medicinal purposes, utilizing pressure points on the toes for healing. Indian women also wear matching rings on their toes as a sign of marriage.

People can expect to see more men wearing toe rings in the future with the large selection of masculine designs and the greater social acceptance of male body jewelry.

Why not give it a try? Let us know what you think by commenting below!



Comments (Responses)

03 October, 2019


i love wearing my toe rings, have worn up to 8 at one time, my wife picked my first one out about 15 years ago, been wearing them ever since. that my toes on the Big Toe ring picture on the home page.

03 October, 2019


I started wearing three fitted, stacked, silver toe rings on my second toe around 1990. Be bold guys! Although some friends initially kidded me about it, I have received several complements from women who admire my confidence and think it looks sexy.

17 July, 2019

Vijaya ram

In SouthIndia there is ritual for men to wear Toe ring. For the women who walk looking down or straight comes to know about the person on seeing the toe ring as he is married. So that She doesn’t get
approaching to him. But this was removed some days later of feeling shy. Hope it’s becomeing fashion nowadays.!!!!

17 July, 2019


I have been wearing toe rings (all from Toe Rings & Things) for about seven years. I wear one permanently on the second toe of my right foot. In the past, I have worn two on each foot. As a person who lives the barefoot lifestyle (wearing shoes only for work), I like my feet to be presentable. My wife and daughter are fine with it. As far as in public goes, I have not experienced any reactions other than a few people notice that I am barefoot (i.e. stores, church, dining out). I have seen plenty of support for guys wearing toe rings on social media. So, I think it is an upcoming thing. Which is good!

25 June, 2019


I am 54 and wear a plain silver ring on my fourth `wedding finger toe’. My wife also has one on her fourth toe. As a nurse she has to take her finger rings off for work so the toe ring can be left on. We feel these keep us connected. Got the rings this year to celebrate 20 years together. So for us fashion with a meaning. I wear sandles when I can (it is the UK). In 6 months never had any adverse comments. Never take it off and no issue with comfort even in shoes or after a recent 10k run.

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