Do Men Wear Toe Rings?

It's not big secret to us, but a lot of men buy and wear toe rings. 

Lots of guys do email us though, asking if it's okay for them to wear toe rings. They also want to know what toe they should wear them on (any toe is fine). Wearing toe rings is not a sign of sexual preference by any means. 

Toe jewelry is largely associated first with Indian culture, then Bohemian fashion, and now has become a popular reflection of beach culture, flip flop-wearers, and a fun vacation indicator. 

Men and women tend to wear toe rings on the second or third toe, and sometimes the big toe. This type of jewelry was largely marketed to women, but toe rings are generally unisex designs. However, around the 1990s, more masculine toe jewelry designs emerged in fashion. American male surfers were the first large group of men to sport the body jewelry accessory. Today toe adornment is becoming more mainstream for men who like jewelry.

For many years, Indian men have been known to wear toe rings on each big toe - a sign of masculinity, power and strength. They may also wear toe rings for medicinal purposes, utilizing pressure points on the toes for healing. Indian women also wear matching rings on their toes as a sign of marriage.

People can expect to see more men wearing toe rings in the future with the large selection of masculine designs and the greater social acceptance of male body jewelry.

Why not give it a try? Let us know what you think by commenting below!



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05 December, 2020


I live in my flip flops. People always say I have nice feet. I only wear shoes for work. I wear 3 stacked size 5 silver rings on my second toe. A thicker look is better for a guy I think. They must be real rings, not adjustable cuffs which always pinch and never stay facing forward.

22 November, 2020


I’m a 60 year old male I have Been getting pedicures lately and they put a pinkish clear polish on my toes I think they look good so I put on a toe ring I’ve always admired woman’s toes and their toe rings I’m not real comfortable wearing out with my thongs scared of the looks I’ll get so I wear them with slip ones I feel sexy knowing I, wearing one or two I wish mor guys would wear them out in the open

22 November, 2020


I love wearing toe rings. You can wear as many as you want! I’m married and my wife thinks it’s cool. Most of the time I wear six toe rings, only on occasion do I wear 1. Love wearing them.

22 November, 2020


i recently (2 months now) bought a sterling silver ankle braclet and wear it all the time ( shorts or jeans)my next step is a sterling silver toe ring to match.Im in Hamilton On where can i buy one

22 November, 2020

Lonnie Moore

I am a fulltime barefooter because of neuropathy and CRPS from 2 hip replacements. I wear an anklet on both ankles, an adjustable toe ring on the left foot 2nd toe and 2 fitted toe rings on right foot 2nd toe. Used to wear a fitted ring on left foot but toes are paralyzed on that foot and I kept losing it. In the summer when my feet are tan it’s bare nails, in the winter it’s black polish all scratched up. Nicely painted nails are just too feminine for me. I have the same rings for my wedding band and my toes.

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