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Do Men Wear Toe Rings?

It's not big secret to us, but a lot of men buy and wear toe rings. 

Lots of guys do email us though, asking if it's okay for them to wear toe rings. They also want to know what toe they should wear them on (any toe is fine). Wearing toe rings is not a sign of sexual preference by any means. 

Toe jewelry is largely associated first with Indian culture, then Bohemian fashion, and now has become a popular reflection of beach culture, flip flop-wearers, and a fun vacation indicator. 

Men and women tend to wear toe rings on the second or third toe, and sometimes the big toe. This type of jewelry was largely marketed to women, but toe rings are generally unisex designs. However, around the 1990s, more masculine toe jewelry designs emerged in fashion. American male surfers were the first large group of men to sport the body jewelry accessory. Today toe adornment is becoming more mainstream for men who like jewelry.

For many years, Indian men have been known to wear toe rings on each big toe - a sign of masculinity, power and strength. They may also wear toe rings for medicinal purposes, utilizing pressure points on the toes for healing. Indian women also wear matching rings on their toes as a sign of marriage.

People can expect to see more men wearing toe rings in the future with the large selection of masculine designs and the greater social acceptance of male body jewelry.

Why not give it a try? Let us know what you think by commenting below!



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20 April, 2020


There is nothing wrong with men wearing toe rings but I think best to stick with just one. I noticed some toe rings on a jewellers stall ages ago and the young lady suggested I have one. She fitted me with an adjustable silver ring but its very solid and strong and shes managed to get a really good tight but comfortable fit so the ring doesnt turn around. Its been on for 3 years now and Ive forgotten its there. So 1 fairly plain ring is fine but I think more than that might be too much.

20 April, 2020


I wear fitted rings on both 2nd toes ..

14 March, 2020


I bought my first toe ring back in 2001, it was a golden, weaved adjustable. But when I received it it appeared too femenine. I ordered a 4mm silver adjustable which I used always except when barefoot. But, I became unsatisfied because adjustable toe rings have the habit of turning around and the open part comes up which is not nice.

I then bought a yellow gold fitted toe ring (cheap) which was nice and I liked it. Weeks later I took the leap and bought an expensive ($50+) narrow white gold toe ring and that was a hit! I looked and felt great. For many years I wore It full time except when out and about (I was shy). Only two times I dared wearing it visibly with open shoes but in non-crowded situations.

So, I had 4 toe rings. If I was barefoot I wore my 2 fitted toe rings on the pinky finger of my hand. If I had closed shoes I wore them one or the other, they became part of me.

Last year I went farther and bought a 5mm titanium engraved ring in Europe. I started wearing it as a toe ring (just not visibly)… That’s kind of the PRO mode because a broad titanium ring is not as easy to get off if the toe gets swollen as the day progresses.

FINALLY, one day last year I took the leap and thought, what the hell! they don’t pay my bills, why should I care what they think?! Since then I have been wearing either the two narrow golden (white + yellow) on the middle toe of the right foot (always there), and other times all three stacked up (narrow, broad, narrow), either way it looks and FEELS great!

I PROUDLY wear ALL my toe rings (stacked) at the beach, pool, cruise, road trips, it doesn’t matter, they are part of me. Love it when my toes become thinner after bathing at sea, the rings wiggle as I walk and make a noise and it feels nice on the toe as they move. What can I say, always been a fan of foot sensations.

I don’t do pedicures nor paint toe nails, but I do take active care of my feet. Several women have said to me I have beautiful feet. To this date as I wear them in sandals (love sandals BTW) I see both men and women gawking curiously (or surprised) at them but NEVER a bad comment, some even smile.

Sometimes my wife plays with them on my toe LOL, that can be fun too. I gave her one of mine but she was afraid it would fall off at the beach and gave it back to me (I haven’t lost any at the pool or beach). I think I will give her my first adjustable toe ring so that she can get used to it and then later “upgrade” hers as she feels more comfortable. Then again, she is not really a foot decorator. I love both toe rings and anklets but only wear one or the other at any given time.

03 March, 2020

Dennis Landrum

I wear toe rings all the time I also polish my toes

03 March, 2020


I ♡ Toering

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