Launched in 2001, was the brainchild of Tracy Hoogenboom. After getting toe rings in the mid 1990's at an art fair, she was contemplating business ideas and bought the name When a friend said, "Hey, when are you gonna start that business so I can buy some toe rings?" she decided to give it a go. While raising four kids, Tracy set up her business on a ping pong table in the basement. Ten years later the business has grown, with over 22,000 sales in 15 countries! We love what we do and the joy it brings our customers!

In the busy season we have had lots of great employees: Emily, Chelsea, Lisa, Valina, Joy, Megan, Kelly and Mekenzie. Brandon has been known to do some great photo work and artistic touches for our site.

Our customers are amazing and we love the calls, emails, and comments we get on Facebook. People tell us they have searched high and low and when they find us, it's like hitting a pot of gold. We send a special thanks to our customers who come back year after year. We realize there are other choices out there, but we strive to give a little extra, go beyond what's expected, and commit to excellence in customer service. We also work hard to offer new styles and change things up a bit every season.

By the way, all our items are made in the U.S.A. - not every toe ring company can tell you that! We want to support American business and American workers. With thousands of happy customers, we hope you will join the many who have discovered and become happy, life long toe-ring wearers!
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