Gift Giving - Free Resizing!

If you don't know what size to order, our suggestion is to order a standard size for women in a size 4, and men in a size 6, and also order a World Famous Multi-Sizing Belt. We also carry a large selection of adjustable toe rings which fit just about anyone! You have 45 days to send your item back to us, worn or unworn, and we will replace it with a new size or issue a full refund. Our goal is to make your returns and exchanges as quick and painless as possible!  Contact us with questions 24/7.

Getting the Right Fit

If you already know what size ring to order, note it in the Size field during the checkout process. 

We have two sizing methods. First, decide what toe or finger you would like to wear your rings on. Our customers have worn them on every toe, but the second and third toes are the most popular choices. 

  • Toe ring sizes are 1 - 7. The most common toe ring sizes for women are 3–5; men most commonly wear 5–7. All our toe rings come in half sizes for the best possible fit.
  • Thumb ring sizes range from 7 1/2–13 1/2. They should be loose enough to be comfortable but may feel “new” for the first day or two.
  • Knuckle rings and pinky rings are worn a little snug and smaller, ring sizes 1 - 5.
  • Big toe rings come in sizes 14 - 20 1/2.
  • Women’s finger rings typically range from size 4 to 9. The most common women’s ring size is 6 - 7. All our rings can be worn on a finger as well.
  • Men’s finger rings typically range from size 8 to 14.  The most common men's size is 10 - 11.                    
  • We use the US standard ring sizing chart.




Sizing Method #1

If you want to find out your size right away, wikiHow has excellent, easy to follow directions on how to find your ring size.

Another great ring sizing website has easy online ways to measure for a ring whether you know your size or not. It's called

Sizing Method #2

Use a piece of dental floss or a skinny piece of string, and wrap it around the middle section of the toe (or thumb, knuckle or pinky) where you would like the ring to rest. Cut or mark at the exact location where the two ends meet (be careful!) making a complete circle. Line the floss up against a flat ruler that has a millimeter measurement, and use that number as your 1st Size. Then measure the widest part of toe pad repeating the process with the floss. This measurement will be entered as your 2nd Size. For best results, round down, not up.

For instance, your order will look something like this:

1st Size: 44 mm
2nd Size: 48 mm


You can also stop by your local jewelry store and ask them to measure your toe. The fit should be snug but not too tight allowing for some swelling but not so loose that it easily slips off. If you are perplexed by all of this, we do offer a “Try Me on for Size” multisizer to accurately measure your toe size at home. This plastic sizing tool works like a mini-belt and can be used over and over again.

Method3 Method3a Method3b

Buy a sizing belt for $2.50

Purchase a reusable Multisizer ring sizing gauge by sending $2.00 and a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) with .68 cents (2 oz.) postage to:
555 N El Camino Real #A392
San Clemente CA 92672
(877) TOE-RING
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